Monday, May 20, 2019

Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word

Indian Rupee symbol was first unveiled on 15th July 2010. Currently it is part of official Unicode standard. The keyboards are coming with Rupee symbol. The INR symbol is printed in the place of $(4). If your keyboard does not have INR symbol, nothing to worry. You can still type INR symbol using your keyboard. In this post, we will cover different ways to type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word.

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Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word

Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS WordType Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word

To write Rupee symbol in Microsoft word, you need to set your keyboard layout to English (India). To set keyboard layout to English (India), follow the steps given below. If it is already set, then you can skip this step.

  • Go to Settings->Time & Language->Region & language.

  • Click on Add a language. Select the English (India).

  • You can make it default or you can toggle between languages by clicking on right bottom language icon.

Different ways to type INR symbol in Word

Keyboard Shortcut method 1:

If you already have rupee symbol in your keyboard, then type,

Ctrl + Alt + ₹

You need to press Ctrl, Alt and ₹ at a time.

If you don’t have Rupee symbol printed on your keyboard then type,

Ctrl + Alt + 4($)

Keyboard Shortcut Method 2:

This is other options. For using this method of typing INR symbol, use following key combination.

Right Alt+₹.

Method 3:

For using this method, type

Left Side Alt+8377.

Method 4 using Unicode

Unicode for INR symbol is U+20B9. Type 20B9 and press Alt+X. You should use left Alt key. While holding down Alt key press the X key.

These methods of typing Indian Rupee Symbol works well on WordPress, Blogger etc as well.

Note: If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista and unable to find English(India), then update the OS.

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