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How to Reset Galaxy A50

Resetting the Galaxy A50 is useful in many situations. For fixing a bug or deleting all the data from phone while selling the phone, reset is one of the option. There are different types of reset options available on this smartphone. In this post, let us explore two different ways to reset Galaxy A50.

How to Reset Galaxy A50

You can reset Samsung Galaxy A50 using the settings option or through recovery mode.

How to Reset Galaxy A50 from Settings Menu

  • Go to Settings->General Management.

  • Tap on Reset.

Here you have multiple options.

Reset Settings: Select this option, if you want to reset all the settings of the phone to their default. It will not delete user data.

Reset Network Settings: If you have any issue with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other network related settings, you can choose this option. This will only reset network settings to their defaults.

Factory data Reset: This will reset Galaxy A50 to its factory default settings. This will delete all data which includes files and downloaded apps.

How to Reset Galaxy A50 using recovery mode

If you are not able to login to your phone or if your android is not starting, then you can use this method. This mode works independently and boots up if Android is not booting.

Using recovery mode, one can factory reset, wipe cache partition, Nandroid backup, update firmware, flash third-party firmware and so on.

To get into recovery mode,

  • Power off of your Galaxy A50.

  • Now Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

  • Release the buttons once Samsung Logo appears.

  • If a warning screen appears, press Volume Up button to confirm your action.

  • The device will enter into the recovery mode.

In recovery mode, you can do factory reset which will delete all your data and user installed apps. If you want to delete just cache data in Galaxy A50, then wipe cache partition. This will remove entire cache files and may improve performance and stability. This is very useful if there is performance issues after updating your device to latest Android versions.

Reset Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera Settings

If you want to reset the camera settings to their factory defaults, follow the steps given below.

  • Lunch the camera app.

  • Go to settings.

  • Tap on Reset settings.

  • This will reset all the camera settings to default.

It is recommended to perform device maintenance regularly. You can find Device maintenance in settings tab. It will help in optimising RAM,battery life and storage. This will give you best possible performance.

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