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7 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO for Your Small Business

Many businesses nowadays are practicing local sea. Small and local businesses are going online to create more exposure to their potential and existing customers. To boost their business, they are now banking on local SE0 to create an online presence. Local SE0 has progressed and is now made of many parts relating to ranking factors. Think about a situation where you want to order some food delivered wherever you are or could be that you are looking for an outfit or a good gift for a friend, where do you turn to? Many people search online for products or services. We use Google to search for various options available locally. If you want your small business to make it in the local competition and be on top of your rankings, you need to improve your local SEO. Consider an SEO expert to see you through this. Let’s have a look at the following 7 simple tips that will boost your local SEO.

  1. Create a local business profile

When consumers search for your business and find nothing, no profile, no reviews, no photos, and no contact information, what happens? They just probably move on to the next business that has available information for them. Creating a local business profile is one way you can build your online existence and improve your local search engine optimization. Do this on popular search sites like yellow pages, Foursquare, etc. Provide as many opportunities for your business to be found by consumers as possible. You need to optimize your profile on many sites and each profile you create will be a way customers land on your business during an online search.

  1. Collect new positive results

Getting positive and encouraging reviews from your customers is one of the best things that can happen to your business. New customers will be encouraged to visit your website as well. In addition to this, it will be another way of improving your local sea. It is not difficult to get more and more reviews nowadays. 80% of people are online on social media platforms for the better part of the day. Make sure you respond to the reviews you get without delay be it negative or positive. This will give your customers the impression that their feedback is taken and valued. According to Google, positive review will also be one of the factors to local ranking. They tend to improve your business visualness.

  1. Get listed on google my business

This is one of the ways you will get your business in front of your competition. If your business has a complete listing, the better. This influences the consumers more before they decide to visit and buy from your store. Match your business to its exact category when optimizing your Google my business listing. If you are running a restaurant that deals majorly with Mexican foods fit it to the category named “Mexican foods” and not just generally “food”. That is exactly what Google prefers. You may involve an SEO expert to help you describe your business fully, list it in the right category, update on the modes of payment and operating hours, update logos and photos of your business, etc.

  1. Optimize your website

When we talk about optimizing local SEO, what comes to the mind is the website. It is the most important part of SEO optimization. A crucial step you need to take is to have your local information appear on every page. This information includes; your name, phone number, and address. The information can be included at the footer or at the sidebar of the page to further improve your local SEO.

  1. Optimize title tags with your local keyword

A title tag is simply the HTML that specifies a web page title. Optimizing title tags with your local keyword is another working way of improving your local SEO. Let the title relate to what is on your page including a local keyword in it to get a better local sec ranking. Having your local keyword appear on the title notifies search engines that the page is linked to a certain thing. For example, if the keyword includes a city name, your business will be likely to appear on the searches relating to your area and its environs.

  1. Title and meta description

These tags are the HTML elements that help you describe how your business appears on the search engine result page. Use this as a preview to your content. This was made better when Google increased the search result page width providing more space to write your title and meta descriptions. Make good use of this and ensure that you increase your business exposure. Do not write the too long title and meta descriptions or else they will be cut short by the search engine result page. If you are not so sure on how to do it, seek guidance from an SEO expert.

  1. Have a mobile friendly and speedy website.

Mobile users are so many exceeding the number of desktop users. This has become another reason Google is taking mobile-friendly websites as a plus factor in ranking. If you haven’t made this step, you are missing out a lot on new potential customers and it is time you go that way with you on the page. On top of this, consider increasing your page speed. Don’t have too many things loading on your website to avoid it getting slow. Remove all the idle plugins and optimize your images to prevent slow loading.

In conclusion

Do you want your business to grow? We have already listed the seven simple tips to help you improve your local SEO. In summary, make sure that you add the relevant keywords on your website content to build up your local sea. Your business information including name, contact, and address should be available to help potential customers reach you easily. Encourage positive reviews from your customers and make sure you reply to all of them with an open mind. Add quality photos of your business and always stay active to update yours on page elements.

Author Bio

This content is written by SEO Expert – Sandeep Mehta. This informative content is very useful and knowledgeable for a small businessman who wants to improve their local SEO. Google business listing is very useful to increase business presence online and get a good amount of traffic.

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